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Trump indictment live updates: Police set up barricades and press arrive a day before Trump’s arraignment

Michael Cohen’s lawyer says case against Trump is ‘very solid’ and jurors only need ask themselves if Trump had ‘any political motivation’ for the Stormy Daniels payment

Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, center, is joined by his attorney, Lanny Davis, before Cohen’s grand jury appearance in mid-March.

Mary Altaffer/AP

Michael Cohen’s attorney believes the criminal case against Donald Trump in the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation is “very solid” though it’s “not going to be an easy case.” 

Cohen, Trump’s longtime political fixer turned political adversary, is expected to be a “principal witness” in the case if it goes to trial, attorney Lanny Davis told NBC’s “Meet the Press NOW” on Friday.

“It’s not going to be an easy case because they do have to create a novel law,” Davis said. “But here is why I think it’s a very, very solid case, maybe more solid than any of the other cases. Everyone’s missing this.”

There is only “one question that the jury has to ask and answer,” Davis told NBC News host Chuck Todd. 

“The legal issue will be decided by a judge, but the factual question is very simple: Did Donald Trump have any political motivation when he directed Michael to pay $130,000 to Stormy?” Davis said. “Any.” 

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