TikTok sets a 60-minute daily screen limit for users under 18

The social platform TikTok announced new features for teens and families, including a 60-minute daily screen limit for all users under 18 years old. It will be automatically set to every account for one hour, but users will be able to opt-out and set their own limits.

The app will also add more screen time management features, including a reminder for users that turned off the 60-minute limit but spend more than 100 minutes. Parents will be able to control it, as well as add a passcode and extend this period to 30 minutes at a time.

The team consulted the current academic research and experts from the Digital Wellness Lab at Boston Children’s Hospital to select the 60-minute limit.

Caregivers will be able to use Family Pairing to customize the daily screen limit, including different ones for different days of the week. They will also have access to the screen time dashboard, which provides details on time on the app, the number of times the app was opened and a breakdown of the total time spent.

Parents will also be able to set more limits and mute notifications for their teens. Currently, users under 15 do not receive push notifications after 9 PM, and users aged 16-17 have them disabled after 10 PM.

New TikTok features
New TikTok features

New TikTok features

Screen time is a serious issue for all users, and that’s why TikTok is bringing Sleep reminders to everyone. People can set a time at which a pop-up will remind them to log off, leave the device and go to bed.


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