TikTok For Business Creative Center—What It Is And How To Use It


TikTok is helping business owners and creators make the most of the platform’s billion users with the TikTok For Business Creative Center—a collection of services to help users create and optimize video advertisements and campaigns.

Key Facts

The website contains video creation tools and editors, tips and tricks for advertisers to make successful ad campaigns and analysis showing which types of ads and products are most effective and eye-catching.

A paid TikTok Ad Manager subscription, which is required for businesses to create and run some kinds of ads on TikTok, is required to access the Creative Center’s full suite of services.

Some of the Creative Centers’ trend analysis tools can be accessed by anyone for free—check to see if the resource you want is available before paying for an Ad Manager subscription!

You can also access the Creative Center directly through your Ad Manager Dashboard.

Trend Analysis: How To Build Successful Tiktock Campaigns

The Creative Center helps business owners figure out what types of ads and products are trending on TikTok so they can create their own successful campaigns. The Top Ads dashboard under the Inspiration tab shows which TikTok ads are reaching the most people, being viewed the longest or being clicked on by the most people. The Keyword Insights dashboard (also under the Inspiration tab) shows what type of keywords and phrases—like “50% off” or “free shipping”—-are being used most often in TikTok ads, while the Top Products tab shows which types of products—like casual dresses, mobile phones or hair and scalp treatments—are most featured in TikTok ads. For information on what’s trending on TikTok hashtags and videos trending outside of advertisements, click on the Trends tab.

Inspiration And Best Practices

For help structuring a successful ad campaign, look at the Creative Strategies dashboard, which has tips for creating video ads for dozens of different industries and occasions. To look at how strategies like adding sound or optimizing ads for phone screens impact ad viewership and recall, check out the best practices section of the Creative Insights dashboard. Find Creative Strategies and Creative Insights under the Inspiration tab in the TikTok Creative Center.

Creating Campaigns: How To Use Templates, Add Music

When you are ready to create video ads, look under the Creative Tools tab to access the TikTok Video Editor and TikTok Video Templates. TikTok Video Editor works with your Ad Manager account to edit and customize videos you’ve already created. If you have still content like photos, you can use one of the industry-specific templates preloaded in TikTok Video Templates to turn your pictures into videos. You can add sounds to advertisements using the Creative Center’s Audio Library, but the types of sounds and music you can add depends on which type of TikTok account you have. People with business accounts can only access sounds and songs approved for Commercial use, while personal account holders can use the entirety of TikTok’s sound library. Step-by-step instructions and tutorials for the Tiktok Video Editor and Video Template tools are available on the TikTok Business Help Center website.

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