SpaceX Releases New Animated Video Of Mission To Mars

SpaceX released a new promotional video on Monday with some absolutely stunning animated imagery. The video imagines what it may look like if the company’s Starship rocket makes it to Mars one day. And it looks incredible.

Backed with a soundtrack that sounds appropriately spacey, viewers watch a Starship launch and the spacecraft making its way to the heavens. The animation shows the first stage rocket disconnect and return to the launch pad, a relatively new feature for the aerospace community that was first achieved in 2015.

But it’s the last portion of the new video that will inspire the most awe in viewers who are excited about potentially traveling to Mars and beyond. We see the SpaceX Starship descend on the red planet and it becomes obvious we’re watching an animation that doesn’t show the first trip to Mars. This video shows what could be possible many years into the future.

Viewers can see what appears to be a human settlement on Mars, complete with several landing pads. The entire video is available on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

The video is enough to make even the most jaded space enthusiast excited for what’s to come.

Can SpaceX, with Elon Musk at the helm, get to Mars anytime soon? The billionaire says he wants to make it happen, even proclaiming he’d like to eventually die on Mars. But Musk has previously made a lot of promises that haven’t necessarily come true in the past.

Musk has a lot of people rooting for him and plenty of people are getting excited for SpaceX possibly making an orbital test flight as soon as April 20, according to the latest report from

This new video is absolutely beautiful. But only time will tell if Musk can really get humanity to Mars. Cross your fingers.

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