Our Samsung Galaxy A14 5G video review is now up

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A14 5G to the US market in early January, and we’ve had a fun time playing with it recently. This is among the least expensive Galaxies you can buy today, with its $200 recommended retail price.

It’s definitely an intriguing proposition for us, as we rarely get to handle cheap devices destined for the US market, which is quite different from those in Europe or Asia, where there are many more options to pick from.

The A14 5G is actually available in India too, but with a different, more powerful chipset – Exynos 1330, not Dimensity 700. So if you’ve read our review but are looking at the Indian model, note that performance and battery life tests most likely won’t be translatable to that one.

Everything else should be similar, if not identical, so if you’re interested in the Galaxy A14 5G and what it brings to the low-end table, take a look at our freshly baked (and newly published) video review of the device, embedded for your viewing pleasure below.

As always, Will takes a look at the phone’s design, build quality, materials, screen specs, speaker quality, fingerprint sensor, storage options, software features, SoC situation, battery life, charging speed, and camera image quality.

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