New AirPods patent could make the listening experience more immersive

Apple’s recently filed patent at the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO) reveals a possible future feature for AirPods. It aims to make listening to music more immersive and natural by taking into account the environment’s acoustics.

The headphones dynamically adjust various parameters to simulate your acoustic environment. In theory, using the available sensors, microphones and digital signal processing unit, the headset should be able to recognize where you are – car, train, room, office, etc.

The algorithm will then adjust the sound pressure, simulate the environment’s acoustics as well as tune the sound acoustics of the source audio or video file. From what we can see in the schematics, the Spatial Sound feature plays a key role too.

Like most patents, this one may or may not end up in a real product, so only time will tell.

Via (in Chinese)

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