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With new smart tuning features, Windows 11 will allow users to save tuning layouts for specific groups of apps and recall them with a single click.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is also being incorporated into the Snap Assist view to enable app search with just an image.

With the new feature to remember snap layouts for certain app groups in Windows 11, Microsoft is opening up a world of possibilities for power users. You no longer have to configure Snap Layouts whenever you restart your computer or close an application, saving you valuable time. 

Instead, they can save snap designs and restore them with a single click. It’s an improvement that will be greatly appreciated by those who frequently multitask with the same apps. 

Transforming how we search for apps in the Snap Assist view: That’s what to expect with Microsoft’s upcoming integration of OCR technology in Windows 11

Users will now be able to search for words, phrases, or images they have previously seen, even if they are not in the application’s title. With this feature, you will save time and be more efficient in your daily work. 

Microsoft is working on rolling out new Smart Fit features for Windows 11, and according to some rumours, one of the features it might include is live snap-in layouts. 

This feature would allow wrap layouts to adjust automatically based on the app the user is focused on. For example, if the user runs two apps side by side in a 70/30 split, clicking on the app that takes up 30% of the screen would change the layout to 70% and offer a more efficient user experience. 

While it is still unknown when this feature will be released, it would be an exciting addition for Windows 11 users looking to streamline their workflow. 

The new AI features in Windows 11 are just a glimpse of what Microsoft has in mind. The company has expressed its intention to incorporate AI into a large number of products and services. 

AI will be a key component in Microsoft’s future, as evidenced by the recent integration of ChatGPT into Bing and Microsoft’s $10 billion partnership with OpenAI. 

Finally, as with any feature in development, there is no guarantee that these plans will be implemented as planned. Plans can change and evolve, so it’s always important to remember that what is announced at any given time may not be the same as what is ultimately delivered.

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