Low Blow On ‘Love Is Blind’ As Bride-To-Be Skips Dress Day For Date With Another Man

Picking out a wedding gown just days before the event would be enough to make any bride panic, but one Love Is Blind contestant just revealed her key to keeping a cool head on dress shopping day.

Just skip it.

Netflix released three new episodes of its race-to-the-altar series Friday, and in them, viewers got a chance to see how Jackie Bonds killed time while her fellow brides-to-be picked out their gowns—and while fiancé Marshall Glaze joined the gents for some suit shopping.

From the menswear venue, a seemingly happy Glaze told a salesman and his pals that he wanted “to look like a Black James Bond” on the big day. But over at the bridal shop, all the talk was about J. Bonds and why she wasn’t there.

Seeing troubling in the making, Tiffany Pennywell sent a text to her intended, Brett Brown, informing him of the no-show. Brown was quick to pass along the intel.

“Letting you know, so you’re not blindsided by anything,” Brown told Glaze.

The scene then cut from Glaze, standing crestfallen while wearing the bright blue shirt he’d just selected for the wedding, to Bonds having a clandestine coffee date with the man she didn’t pick during the dating rounds, Josh Demas.

Demas presented Bonds with a bouquet of red roses and immediately told her how about his feelings for her.

“It makes me nervous how much I care about you,” the 31-year-old wrestler-turned-project engineer said. “Losing you is my biggest regret. I do love you. I want to be together.”

Bonds, 27, and Demas had last seen each other at a birthday party for another participant on the show, which was also marked the first time they’d seen each other at all, since their earlier dates took place in the blind-dating pods.

So after hearing him profess his love for her, Bonds chose to confess her first impression upon seeing him at the party.

“Your voice is so distinctive, like I got so used to it that I instantly knew it was you,” she told him. “All the hairs on my body stood up and my nipple got hard. I was like, ‘Ooh! That’s Josh.”

(Viewing tip: Keep an eye on the guy seated at the next table as he pretends not to hear what she said and focuses on a distant wall instead. The world understands you, Café Guy.)

Then, while still not having broken things off with Glaze, she told Demas why that relationship didn’t work out.

“Marshall is too sensitive for me basically,” she noted. “That was the first time I ever had somebody love me and show me and really translate that to me. I never had that before.”

But she wanted more than that. Glaze’s emotionally open, kind and pancake-making approach wasn’t working for her. She wanted him to be “more aggressive” and “boss up,” things Demas presumably would have no problem doing.

“How do you think Marshall would feel,” Demas asked her of the date.

Her answer? “I don’t care.”

That’s the moment the secret rendezvous made two things clear:

  1. Bonds and Demas share more of a spark than she ever had with Glaze.
  2. Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova are no longer vying for No. 1 “mean girl” of Season 4.

The pair ended their meetup with a promise to give it a try together—and a kiss.

Suddenly the camera returned to Glaze, 27, now seated outside and grimly saying, “I do love her,” while also complaining that Bonds didn’t have “the decency” to send him a text about skipping the gown fitting.

But as he soon learned, that was the least of their issues.

Back at their apartment, Glaze and Bonds came face-to-face, as she laid it all out for him. But it took him a minute to really get her message.

“Marshall, I can’t love you, because I’m attracted to Josh,” she said bluntly. “I just saw Josh, and there is some chemistry.”

Glaze didn’t yell. He didn’t walk away. No, the mild-mannered marketing manager asked, “What are saying to me right now?”

Bonds then put him out of his misery by simply saying, “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

Oh, and she’s keeping the ring.

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