‘Love Is Blind’ Finale Trailer Might Be More Entertaining Than The Season So Far

The Season 4 finale of Love Is Blind is on the way, and in case fans of the love-quest competition weren’t aware of that, Netflix just released a teaser for the “will they or won’t they?” wedding-packed episode.

And it might just be the best Love Is Blind content of the season so far.

It’s not the glimpses of what’s to come in the April 14 season-ender that makes the clip so satisfying. Nor is it the look back at some of the show’s most outrageous moments. Instead, it’s the fact that all of that is packaged into the perfect send-up of a corny, zany, early aughts rom-com trailer.

As scenes from the series flash across the screen, a classic movie-voice guy sets up the finale event.

“In a world where first impressions aren’t everything, where strangers can fall in love—through a wall!—they’re all about to discover if love is truly blind,” he says.

Voice-over man then ponders, “Will a Sleeping Beauty finder her fairy tale ending?” as the camera cuts to Tiffany Pennywell taking an ill-timed nap in the middle of her pod date with Brett Brown.

(And yes, Mr. Movie Voice, Pennywell and Brown, aka reality TV’s most-likable, most controversy-free couple, will have a fairy tale ending. Otherwise, Love Is Blind might just face a fan revolt.)

The hits keep coming as the narrator muses about whether or not “this duet will lead to the real thing.” The duet in question is Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin, represented by that time he offered up an off-key serenade while playing an out-of-tune guitar.

“Will the outside world tear them apart?” movie-voice guy then asks. That query is paired up with a look at Paul Peden and Micah Lussier, who have the corner on chemistry-free romance this season.

Eventually Zach Goytowski and his backup-fiancée Bliss Poureetezadi are shown onscreen, and that’s when the narrator questions if “love will get a second chance.”

From there wedding day clips play without context as a classic move-trailer promise rings out: “The only thing you can expect is the unexpected.”

But the sneak peek saves the best part for last. After listing off all the couples in the reality TV rom-com cast by name, it earns a big laugh by promoting one special guest star.

“And featuring…Marshall,” the narrator says as the show’s resident (and recently single) nice guy, Marshall Glaze, walks onto the wedding set.

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