Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ Lands The Largest Sales Week Of 2023

BTS superstar Jimin dominates the U.S. music scene this week with his new single “Like Crazy.” The track lands at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart, marking an impressive start for the South Korean solo artist. Not only did the song sell well, but it also scored one of the largest sales frames in memory for a song.

According to Luminate, “Like Crazy” launches atop the Digital Song Sales chart with 241,000 pure purchases, an impressive figure that is rarely seen in today’s all-streaming world. This means that Jimin now holds the largest sales week of 2023 in the U.S. for one song. Prior to this week, that honor belonged to Beyoncé’s “Cuff It”, which was purchased 78,000 times in a single week, sending the tune right to No. 1 on the Digital Song Sales chart thanks to its renewed popularity.

Now, “Like Crazy” not only replaces “Cuff It” in this regard, it also blows that R&B cut away. Jimin’s new sum sold more than three times as many copies as Bey’s.

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Nearly a quarter of a million sales is easily enough to not only make “Like Crazy” the No. 1 bestselling song in the U.S., but also the most-consumed. The track debuts atop the Hot 100 at the same time it rules the Digital Song Sales chart, marking the first time a South Korean solo artist has controlled the Hot 100. This win is thanks almost entirely to all those many purchases.

“Like Crazy” is the first song to sell at least 100,000 copies in a week so far this year. Jimin’s sizable starting point is also the largest one-week sales sum since Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” which arrived in November 2022 with 327,000 purchases.

Part of the reason why “Like Crazy” performed so well is the fact that it was released in a number of different versions. Fans could support Jimin and the tune by snapping up the original, as well as remixes and more. Billboard groups all of those releases into one entity, so it’s a bit easier for it to rack up thousands more sales. Having said that, even if “Like Crazy” was only available in one form, it likely would have topped the Digital Song Sales chart anyway.

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