Google rolls out a camera update to Pixel 6 series, improves Night Sight

The new and improved Night Sight was first announced and debuted with the Pixel 7 series and as promised, the company is now bringing the latest camera feature set to its older Pixel 6 family. However, as 9to5Google noted, the new zoom bar we saw on the Pixel 7 phones didn’t make it to the Pixel 6.

In any case, the Night Sight improvements are no small feat. It’s now faster as it requires a 50% shorter exposure time. As a result, Night Sight photos have less blur and are noticeably sharper. In addition to the dedicated night mode, Google worked on the HDR+ with Bracketing to reduce noise.

New Night Sight exposure toggle

New Night Sight exposure toggle

When switching to Night Sight, Pixel 6 owners would notice a new toggle that lets them choose between a fast Night Sight or a slower one with more exposure. The range is set between 2 and 6 seconds, depending on the scenario. In well-lit environments, you won’t need the 6-second exposure.

Reportedly, the Google Camera version 8.8 is being widely rolled out, so you can either try updating through Play Store or wait for the automatic update.


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