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The Google Trends portal now has a fresh appearance and feel thanks to Google. According to the corporation, this update has a fresh appearance with hourly updates to the home page’s real-time trends and connections to news stories from publishers.

what it appears to be. This morning’s top portion of the Google Trends home page is seen in the following screenshot:

what’s new? These are some things that seem to have changed in the updated Google Trends.

On the home page, there are now real-time trends.

Every hour, these patterns are refreshed.

There are also connections to pertinent news stories, which could drive traffic to your website.

why it matters to us. Google Trends is a great resource for discovering what is popular online so that authors and content Creators may generate ideas for new articles. Moreover, you could notice a little bit more traffic from Google Trends in your statistics now that the new Google Trends connects to articles directly from here.

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