Deutsche Telekom takes T-Mobile US majority

Deutsche Telekom now owns a 50.2% majority stake in T-Mobile US. The news was confirmed by CEO Timotheus Höttges at DT’s 2023 annual shareholder meeting in Bonn, Germany yesterday. The new deal was reportedly valued at $1 billion and comes after years of Deutsche Telekom increasing its ownership stake in T-Mobile. The US carrier is DT’s most profitable unit with a $178 billion market cap with a reported 110 million customers.

Timotheus Höttges at Deutsche Telekom 2023 annual shareholder meeting

T-Mobile recently made headlines by acquiring Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile in a deal reportedly worth $1.35 billion. Deutsche Telekom also announced its goal to be fully climate neutral by 2025 and to have its entire value chain climate neutral by 2040.


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