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For the sweet toothed amongst us: a two-piece lighting collaboration by Feldspar (the Devon-based pottery helmed by Jeremy and Cath Brown) and Berdoulat (the Bath housewares shop helmed by Patrick and Neri Williams). The lights are “inspired by a particular favorite French pastry of ours,” Feldspar writes: “the inimitable canelé.”

Take a look.

berdoulat x feldspar canele lighting collection in situ 7 Above: The collaboration bore two pieces—the Canelé Ceiling Rose (at top) and the Canelé Pendant Shade (hanging)—which can be used separately or in tandem.
berdoulat x feldspar canele lighting collection in situ 8 Above: Both pieces are made from fine bone china in Feldspar’s Devon pottery.
berdoulat x feldspar canele lighting collection 9 Above: The Canelé Ceiling Rose bears striking resemblance to the pastry—and was made using a similar mould. According to Feldspar: “Making fine china shapes from classic pâtisserie moulds was no mean feat. The plaster model our moulds are made from was painstakingly carved by hand to allow for shrinkage in the kiln, making the finished rose big enough to be viewed from a slight distance, and—importantly—to be able to fit over any light fittings and neatly screw in place.”
berdoulat x feldspar canele lighting collection 10 Above: The Canelé Pendant Shade, for its part, is “inspired by antique French glass shades [and] perfectly at home in Berdoulat in Bath, the old general store that has been beautifully restored by Patrick and Neri.”
berdoulat x feldspar canele lighting collection 11 Above: The collection “takes full advantage of the wonderful qualities of bone china,” according to Feldspar: “bright white, opaque, and glossy by day and glowing from within by night. It is cast more finely than our usual wares to ensure the light glows from within and shares the characteristic wobbly profile of our main collection.”
berdoulat x feldspar canele pendant shades 12 Above: And a sweet detail: hand-painted details around the top and base of the shades.

For more, head to Feldspar.

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