About Us

Konamitv – TravelPlug is a lifestyle, food and travel blog that features lifestyle and culture from different parts of the world. We will also be bringing to you amazing adventures, treats, food and culture from different parts of the World. travel News and Lifestyle from African to America, Asia, Europe etc

We are a team of travel freaks and professionals giving you more than a tip of the iceberg.

Our utmost goal is to help you achieve your travel goals and tick all or most of your travel bucket list. We realised the importance of travelling but only a few get to really travel and experience the beauty of the world.

Konamitv – TravelPlug was borne out of our strong passion for good foods, adventure, touring, sightseeing and visiting amazing destinations. The world is a beautiful place and only a few people actually get to see or experience some of the beautiful destinations all around the world.
One of our unique selling points is to offer budget travel experiences and ensure you live like a King. Whether you choose to travel alone or choose one of our deals. You should enjoy all the benefits of touring. We don’t just want you to read, we want you to experience the beauty of these destinations from the comfort of your home.

We are not just tourists, we are adventure freaks, foodies, people lover, interested in the culture , lifestyle, food from all over the world.

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